Total Loss Settlements

Get a Vehicle Appraisal You Can Trust

If your vehicle has been totaled in an accident, how do you know what a fair settlement is?

The insurance company has their idea of a fair figure, and you have your own idea.

You can depend on DVAC – Diminished Value Appraisal Claims to help you arrive at a realistic, mutually agreeable number.

You can get a FREE consultation on our total loss settlement services from us. Call us today at 877-879-0101. We’ll let you know how we can help.

Equip Yourself With a vAuto Report

With a vAuto Report from DVAC – Diminished Value Appraisal Claims, you can make a stronger case with your insurance company.

Our vAuto Report is based on the vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). It provides all the major valuation services, as well as auction and private sale data. In other words, you will get 100% of the nationwide market value data for your exact vehicle, including wholesale and retail values.

Since the difference between wholesale and retail values can run to thousands of dollars, our vAuto Report assures that you will be offered a settlement based on the correct, fair retail value of your totaled vehicle.